Experience Our New Monthly Culinary Tribute

exclusive lunch at Lucie's Bar

Featuring family-inspired dishes

Lucie Toronto

Starting July 3rd, 2024


Introducing Lucie’s new monthly culinary tribute – Exclusively available at lunch when dining at Lucie’s opulent bar

Lucie Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Toronto’s financial core, is delighted to announce an elevated Lunch experience, exclusively at our opulent bar.

Each month, a cherished team member will partner with chef Arnaud Bloquel to craft a dish inspired by their mothers and grandmothers’ home cooking. Chef Bloquel will help elevate these nostalgic recipes, infusing them with his culinary artistry while showcasing the unique flavours and ingredients of their regions of origin. The first dish will be inspired by chef Bloquel’s grandmother Yollande, who lived in Agen, a town in Southwest France.

This special lunchtime offer exclusively at Lucie’s Bar will include the special dish, a carefully curated glass of wine and your choice of coffee or tea, all for $45 (excluding Taxes and Gratuities).

Join Lucie for a culinary journey that honours tradition, family, and the refined elegance of French cuisine. Experience an unforgettable lunch where every dish tells a story, and every bite pays homage to the warmth and love of home-cooked meals. Reserve your seat at the bar today and become part of this monthly celebration of culinary heritage.

Month of July 2024

Starting July, 3rd at Lunch Time only @ Lucie’s Bar


Duck Confit with Prunes
Mashed potatoes with “Fines Herbes”
Young Mesclun Greens, Reduced Jus Vinaigrette


2010, Vieux Château Champs de Mars, Castillon, Bordeaux

Inspired by Yollande, Chef’s Bloquel’s own Grandmother