Celebrate Lucie’s First Anniversary

with an Exclusive Collaboration

Chef Marc Thuet x Chef Arnaud Bloquel

Lucie Toronto
Thursday, July 18th, 2024


Celebrate Lucie Restaurant’s First Anniversary with a one of kind evening. On Thursday, July 18th, Lucie’s very own Chef Arnaud Bloquel will be joined by renowned French-born Chef Marc Thuet for a unique and exciting culinary collaboration. Guests will have the exclusive opportunity to indulge in a meticulously crafted 4-course menu (and a few surprises), showcasing the culinary brilliance of these two exceptional chefs. Each dish will be a fusion of their unique styles, and served with excellent wines, bringing together the best of modern French cuisine. We look forward to raising a glass with you as we truly savor and celebrate.

Introducing Chef Thuet and Chef Bloquel

Chef Marc Thuet boasts an impressive culinary journey, starting from his apprenticeship in Alsace, France, at the age of twelve. Trained at the renowned Lycée Hotelier in Strasbourg, he later worked in esteemed Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe, including London’s Dorchester under acclaimed chef Anton Mosimann. His tenure as Executive Chef and Co-owner of Toronto’s Centro Grill and Wine Bar garnered international acclaim, ranking among North America’s top ten restaurants. Thuet’s culinary prowess extends beyond the kitchen, with contributions to cookbooks, television appearances, and participation in international food festivals. Thuet’s culinary journey continues with ventures like Petite Thuet, which you may recognize right here in Toronto! His dedication to innovation led to the creation of Conviction Kitchen, a social experiment aimed at empowering disadvantaged individuals while providing patrons with an unforgettable dining experience. Throughout his career, Thuet has earned numerous accolades, including The Birks Silver Spoon Award and the Industry Leadership Award. His commitment to culinary excellence and innovation solidifies his reputation as a leading figure in the contemporary culinary world, bridging tradition with modernity in the pursuit of culinary artistry.

French born Chef Arnaud Bloquel was profoundly influenced by his culturally diverse family. At 16, he entered a hotel school in Guadeloupe and later refined his culinary skills in France under prominent Michelin-star chefs. After years in Paris working in celebrated Restaurants, he returned to Guadeloupe, opened l’Orchidea in 2015, and won the title of Best Master Restaurateur in 2018. His restaurant earned top honours in the Caribbean. Recently, he competed in the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” and is now at the helm of Lucie’s Kitchen, a French restaurant in Toronto.

Style of the Event:

Guests will be welcomed with a glass of delicious bubbly, followed by a specially curated four-course dinner. Each dish will be paired with carefully selected wines, enhancing the flavours and making the evening truly exceptional. 

Price & Dietaries:

  • Tickets are $280 + tax per person. Wine pairings and gratuity are included.

  • This is a 19+ experience.

  • Given the nature of the special menu, dietary restrictions may not be accommodated.

  • If you have specific questions, please reach out to