Jinen Patel

Jinen Patel Junior Sous Chef Jinen’s appreciation for food stems from a childhood spent in the company of his father, a 30 year food industry veteran. This experience instilled in him a deep understanding of how food can connect people across cultures. Originating from India, a country where cuisine is an expression of culture, Jinen […]

Louis Pronier

Louis Pronier Manager Louis Pronier, a Parisian by birth, grew up immersed in the vibrant culture and exquisite flavors of France’s culinary capital. With roots deeply embedded in a family of entrepreneurs, Louis was instilled with a keen sense of business acumen and an unwavering work ethic from a young age. His educational journey in […]

Julie Guenat

Julie Guenat Junior Sous Chef Julie is a talented French professional who has recently arrived from France to join this exciting project. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology in Hospitality and Restaurant Management, as well as a Higher Technician’s Certificate in Culinary Arts, specializing in hospitality and restaurant management. Julie’s career includes […]

Yoann Beaubouchez

Yoann Beaubouchez General Manager I am a passionate food lover, travel addict, and a product of one of the most beautiful wine regions in France. Froman early age, I developed a profound appreciation for the culinary arts, finding joy in exploring diverse flavors and cuisines. My taste buds are always ready for new adventures, seeking […]

Arnaud Bloquel

Arnaud Bloquel Executive Chef Chef Arnaud Bloquel passionately embraces a dual culture. Born in Agen, in the South of France, he grew up in the Caribbean, following his family where his father is a pineapple and melon farmer. This young thirty-something spent his childhood between Réunion, Martinique, the Dominican Republic, and Guadeloupe. These years shaped […]

Yannick Bigourdan

Yannick Bigourdan Owner Born in the idyllic South of France to a family deeply rooted in the culinary world, it comes as no surprise that Yannick has carved his own path in the industry. The legacy began with his great grandfather, who established a thriving family business in the late 1890s, enchanting delis across Europe […]

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