Jinen Patel

Junior Sous Chef

Jinen’s appreciation for food stems from a childhood spent in the company of his father, a 30 year food industry veteran. This experience instilled in him a deep understanding of how food can connect people across cultures. Originating from India, a country where cuisine is an expression of culture, Jinen has always been driven to explore the culinary arts.

He has pursued this passion through a mix of formal education and practical experience. Jinen holds a certification from the International Institute of Hotel Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality from the University of West London, and a Diploma in Culinary Management from Niagara College.

Jinen has built a foundation of hands-on experience through internships at La Corniche and Haaitza, and has embraced the diverse food scene in Canada with roles in the kitchens of Richmond Station and Mamakas in Toronto. A significant step in his career was the opportunity to work at Lucie with Chef Arnaud Bloquel, where he continued to refine his skills and knowledge.

Jinen believes that food is more than a meal—it’s a conversation between traditions and today’s tastes, a chance to bring people a little bit closer. In the kitchen and beyond, he aims to share this conversation with every dish he crafts.